III. Daily Bread

Give us today our daily bread.

–Matthew 6:11

We are so blessed in our western society; we have such a lot compared to the majority of the rest of the world. Yet this verse still gives wisdom around the challenges and issues related to provision.

Notice here how the prayer is to “give US” and not ME. Could it be that we sometimes become dissatisfied with what has been provided because we have forgotten that it is not just for ME but it is for US. God is faithful and abundant in the way that He provides for us, so that we can bless others with that too. From the overflow of God’s provision in our lives, we can be a blessing to people outside of  ME.

The words ‘today’ and ‘daily’ show a real hunger or expectation of fresh provision (bread in this case). Regardless of what bread there was earlier in the week it is important for us to go to God daily (frequently) for provision, not just bread, but for the wisdom, strength, patience, life & love that we need to meet the demands of our day.  If we do not lean on God frequently for our provision then we have an unrealistic view and expectation of bread. We know it is always good to have bread in the house, but after a few days bread becomes stale and not very pleasant to eat. Equally we cannot expect to live off last month’s provision or revelation for the rest of the year. It is important that we seek God for His fresh (‘daily’) provision and revelation in our current season (‘today’).

Prayer for myself –  Father God, help me to see your blessings of provision as fresh opportunities to be a blessing to others.

Prayer for our church – Create in our church a hunger for fresh provision and revelation from You.