What We Stand For

What are we as a church saying YES to?

1. Yes to the name of Jesus.

So that in all things God may be praised
1 Peter 4:11

Holding high the name of JESUS, honouring creator GOD and acknowledging his presence through the gift of the HOLY SPIRIT. We will not be deterred from promoting JESUS to His rightful place.

2. Yes to building a relevant expression of HIS house.

We are not building a house we are building His house
Matthew 16:18

We are called to the town of Chesterfield and surrounding areas to build THE CHURCH (His People) and a house that reflects His Glory. To build a house that sees hundreds of believers uniting together, that demonstrates to this town that living for Christ is THE only way.

3. Yes to the power of Prayer.

The prayer in faith will make the sick well, and the sinner forgiven
James 5:15

This is not an add on to our walk with GOD, it’s not an optional extra. We believe everyday MIRACLES are on the Menu.

4. Yes to GOD over all

The great King over all the earth.
Psalm 47

Over all, in all, above all, through it all, for all. This is where we as a Church place Him.

5. Yes to the Super in the natural
A Church operating in everything that God has equipped us with, we believe in and are looking for the supernatural power of GOD.

6. Yes to excellence
We will always endeavour to give our best; we are building a house that reflects his Glory.
Excellence is not a product or skill – it’s an attitude.

7. YES to delivery

Some men came walking.
Mark 2:3

We will create as many access points to Jesus as possible, we are not dependant upon a Sunday Service. Leading people to Jesus is our main focus; we hold a new culture that tells us it’s worth the long walk.

8. Yes to his return

The son of man will come when you don’t expect Him
Luke 12:40

We totally believe that one day he will return in Glory, crazy as it may sound. The Bible is clear; He will return for HIS church.

9. Yes to Everyone

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.
Romans 10:13

We are here for whoever, our message has no boundaries!
No one is unreachable, no sinner is too far gone, nobody is too physically dirty, nobody is over the edge and unreachable with the message of forgiveness of sins. If you live in this house this is our CODE for living.

10. YES to worship that reflects the KING of Kings – Jesus
How can we not give Him our best? It’s vocal, vibrant, GOD focussed anthems of praise, songs of declaration of a magnificent GOD.

11. Yes to honouring others

Be devoted to one another in love. Honour one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:10

Churches – Missionaries – People
Our responsibility is to see this happen. Honour should be more than an epitaph.

12. Yes to the disadvantaged

But when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind, and you will be blessed. Although they cannot repay you, you will be repaid at the resurrection of the righteous.
Luke 14:13–14

We will only increase and give more time and resource into partnering with and supporting those Jesus has asked us to bless.

13. Yes to giving

Bring your tithe into the storehouse
Malachi 3:10

We firmly believe that everything we have is a blessing from God, so generosity is a massive part of our lives. The generous culture within Lifehouse stems from the understanding of what God has done for us.

To honour God with our finances, means we know that we are causing this Church to advance and God to be made number one in our lives.

14. Yes to a CHURCH I want to come to

For the zeal for your house consumes me
Psalm 69:9

Church is not something we want people to think they should attend, but a movement of people living with faith and expectancy in God.

We believe Church is and should be the place where there is life, hope and purpose. No longer is Church something people are leaving, but instead are running towards.

15. Yes to whatever we say NO to
If there is a no from this house there will have to be a YES too. We are not designed to complain and moan. We are created to construct.