Lifehouse Kids

Sparklers 0-3 Years

On a Sunday morning while the grown-ups are in the main meeting we are having an amazing time in Sparklers!
Sparklers is for ages 0-3. We have fabulous fun, playing games, singing, and we always find time for a drink and a biscuit too. Our crafts and stories are Bible based and we learn a little bit more about Jesus every week in a fun, creative, and sometimes messy way.

Transformers 4-6 Years

Transformers is a great opportunity for 4-6’s to come along to Church and really enjoy learning about God.
We believe that God needs to be a huge part of young lives, and we are never too small to start an exciting journey with Him. We love to do craft and play games, and learn about everything that God has in store for us and how to live for Him every day. Come along and make some fantastic friends.

NRG 7-11 Years

We run a vibrant children’s ministry with a simple and creative Biblical influence. The programme is full of fun activities and games every Sunday morning. If you have a child that loves to have fun and get the best out of life, then this is for you. During the Sunday meeting take your child to be registered and when the service finishes pick them up, simple as that.