What is LifePoint?
LifePoint (previously known as M.A.D) was established to support four key areas of our community – Homeless & Needy, Family, Youth, and Elderly. We are staffed by volunteers and aim to reduce social exclusion, to raise hope, self-esteem and combat loneliness through practical giving of time and services, together with a genuine care for the people we serve.

We are here as an organisation to seek to help anyone that comes into our path.

Maybe what we have learnt over the past years is that we can help anyone,
Anyone that seeks out help,
Anyone that we try to help,
Anyone isn’t always everyone.
Our target is to help anyone, from any walk of life, not everyone!

We will continue to deliver all the services you will read about, with a level of enthusiasm and excellence to anyone.

What do we do?

Meal Point
Every Wednesday between 6:30-7:30pm a team of volunteers prepare and create an excellent meal point for the disadvantaged of Chesterfield. We have served thousands of meals and have regular clients who visit every week and whom we are now getting to know. As well as preparers and servers, we also need security staff to create a safe environment. The more volunteers, the less often each volunteer is needed.

Pack Point
Several times a year we distribute gift boxes of quality food to those in need in Chesterfield. Our aim is to provide everyday food items to those in need in a way that helps them to understand that people care and want to help.

Resource Point
Our aim is to keep seasonal stock, so that we can equip people with relevant clothing and equipment to keep them safe and warm all year round. We are always looking for good local suppliers who can help us to keep this moving.

Fun Point
Every year we take a group from the community to the pantomime or on day trips. We believe this is a significant opportunity to bless some of those who do not have the means to provide opportunities such as this for their families. We exist to help create fun memories.

Emergency Point
We run an emergency fund to support those in particular circumstances of need. Working closely with Social services, we run this by a referral system.