There are plenty of ways you can get involved at Lifehouse (attending church, serving on team, join a LifeGroup). Whether you are regular here, visiting or merely passing by, you can get involved by giving.

We create opportunity to give financially as part of recognising that every good thing in our lives have been GIVEN TO US by God; we have the privilege to participate in the same way, by exercising our generosity towards God and investment into His Kingdom.

Three options are given below.


This is for any visitor(s) who would like to make a one-off donation or for any Lifehouse family to give their regular tithes and offerings. Anyone who gives through this avenue is supporting and enabling the general day-to-day running of church. It enables us to grow our Sunday teams and develop the ministries we have throughout the week.

For more information see Church Life, Community & Connect.



#WhereWeAre – Where we are is where God is. The donations into this fund will not solely  be contributing to our building fund (the future). It will enable us to get a block of W.C facilities built in the middle of a community in Ghana, take on a community project in a local school and change some of our own facilities in church (the present).

You can find out more about our #WhereWeAre Vision.



LifePoint – All our compassion ministries, outreach and social justice works are run through LIfePoint. Examples include our weekly outreach meal we serve to the most marginalised in our town and the quarterly food parcels we send to vulnerable and families in need (in conjunction with social services).

Find out more about LifePoint